Today we’re talking about an annoying problem that everyone experiences from time to time. That’s right… bugs. Once summer arrives, the bugs seem to come out in full force, but have no fear, the Clayton Collins Team is here with tips for you that will keep your home bug free.

 Keep the entry points blocked. The best way to get rid of bugs is to keep them out in the first place. So, keep doors, windows, eaves, and around garages closed and sealed. The fewer entry points the bugs have, the better. If you leave windows open for a breeze, make sure that the screens are properly secured so that fresh air is the only thing getting in.

Keep food away to avoid attracting bugs. If there is a spill, get it cleaned up promptly so that bugs don’t come searching it out. The goal here is to prevent bugs from coming into your home in the first place. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

 Eliminate standing water. The more standing water you have, the more likely you are to attract bugs. You could do this by increasing the drainage to get the water away from your house or changing the landscaping to help minimize water pools collecting. Bugs are attracted to food and water (hey, aren’t we all!?) so don’t give them a reason to come around looking for it at your house.

This next tip will benefit you in more ways than one. Keep your home clean and clutter free. Bugs like hiding spaces, like piles of clothes or old papers. If everything is picked up and put away, the bugs have nowhere to hide. Along these lines, keep the area around your garbage can tidy. Consider keeping it in an enclosed space and wipe up any spills around the can.

Now, you might not like the idea of bats hanging around your house, but they love to eat insects. Installing a bat house or two in the trees surrounding your house will encourage them to nest there. Don’t worry, chances are you won’t even see them unless you’re hanging out in your yard at night. They will do a lot to eliminate insects around your home, so they are beneficial.

These are all ways you can reduce or eliminate bugs from getting inside your home. However, even the greatest efforts will probably not get rid of bugs completely. If bugs seem to be a bigger issue than you can handle, you might want to consider pest treatment from a professional. They are trained in using the proper chemicals in just the right amount to eliminate your bug problem completely. Also, many of them guarantee their work, so there’s no worries on your part.

I hope these tips were helpful in keeping bugs away from your home. Are you still looking for the perfect house to call home? Give the Clayton Collins Team at Keller Williams a call today for all your real estate needs.