Hey there! It’s Clayton Collins back with a weekly video to help you with all things related to your home. It’s summer in North Texas, and you know what that means. It is hot outside! So, one of the best ways to cool down in the summer heat is to hop into the pool. If you own a pool, let me share some maintenance tips so that you can keep it running in tip top shape for years to come.

Skim the pool every day, and use a vacuum cleaner on the bottom of the pool. This is especially important in the busy season. The goal here is to keep debris out of the pool so it stays clean, and nothing clogs up.

You will also want to check the pool filter weekly. This acts as the kidneys, a filtering system, for your pool and you don’t want things getting clogged up. If you check your filtering system on the regular, you can ensure that there are no unwanted particles jamming up your system.

Keeping the pH levels of the water balanced is essential for making sure the pool is running at its optimum levels. You can usually buy an inexpensive chemical testing kit at the store so you can test the chemical ratios and ensure that the pool has just the right amount of chemicals.

You might want to consider shocking the pool water once or twice a season. The purpose of shocking the pool is to keep unwanted bacteria from growing in the water and causing issues with the water quality. There are a few types of pool shock that can be used, so you’ll want to make sure you use the proper kind for your pool and follow the directions on the package.

Another tip to keeping your pool at optimum performance is to keep the water levels at a proper level. The water level of the pool should cover the skimmer at least about halfway to keep everything working effectively and efficiently.  If you need to add water to the pool make sure to retest the pH of the chemicals again because it will dilute the balance of the chemicals in the pool water.

Finally, you might want to schedule an annual service appointment with a pool company so that they can make sure all the details of pool maintenance are kept up to speed. It might cost a little bit, but remember these are pool experts and having a check up on your pool may save lots of money and hassle in the future.

I hope these tips were helpful for all you pool owners out there. If you’re still looking for that perfect home with a great pool to enjoy our North Texas summers, give the Clayton Collins Team at Keller Williams in Fort Worth a call today. We are your local real estate experts providing exceptional service to our buyers and sellers. We would love to help you or someone you know with all your real estate needs.